Baby’s first pic!

…except at night, when I’m peeing.

10 weeks. I’m tired and baby doesn’t seem to like food (which is weird…cuz I’ve always liked food). Any time I eat, which isn’t often, I feel painfully, uncomfortably full, like I’ve just inhaled a double Thanksgiving dinner.

Back when I could still eat, this was my only “weird” craving: sausage pizza covered with avocado. I thought it perfectly normal. And delicious.

Still terrified of miscarriage. In fact, I got that sonogram pic a little ahead of schedule because I was out at a bar with friends, experienced some spotting, and thought it was the end of the world. In my defense, spotting is a very vague term. It didn’t seem like spotting. It seemed like the end of the world.

A handful of people know about my pregnancy now, but not everyone. I’m still walking around with a strawberry-sized secret.

Right now I’m trying to make choices on genetic testing. Doc seems ambivalent about it.

Today was graduation at the high school where I work. I realized in about 18 years, my baby will graduate, and I started crying.

I am a constant joy to be around.

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