Day 16. Nothing.

In the past, I have gotten my LH surge on Day 13 or Day 14 of my cycle (granted, I have only tested for two cycles). My cycle is a regular 28-29 days, every month, forever and ever. But this cycle, the cycle that actually counts, I am testing and testing (I am up to 3 times a day) and…nothing.


Is it stress? Have I killed my ovulation with stress? I do have a cold and one of my many, many google searches indicates that having a cold can affect your ovulation.

I am totally, 100% freaking out.

Update: I spoke to a nurse at my clinic and she assured me that if I am testing three times a day (yeah, I am), there is no way I should have missed my LH surge. She said that if after the 18th day of my cycle I still haven’t gotten anything, call and they will have me come in.


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