Certainly it’s the most interesting shipment notification I’ve ever received. My sperm donation, my two little vials of hopes and dreams and ejaculation, are en route from all the way across the country. If I wasn’t minimizing the drinking to maximize my chances of conceiving, it’s enough to make you want a few large glasses of wine.

And then, on the auspicious day…

Fortunately, I set things up far enough in advance that this isn’t going to mess with my plans for this cycle…I think. But where is my cryotank now? Is it safe? Is everything still frozen? Why isn’t UPS going to a business when it is open? What am I paying $180 for if my package is not going to be accurately delivered? Seattle Sperm Bank is one of the few places my clinic recommended, so I am going to assume that this is normal, that everything is okay…but this is really something someone should have prepared me for!


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